M. Veloso

Not all rules are meant to be broken,

but all rules determine how far limits can be stretched. Those that dare to tread the limits may be passed off as foolish, but behind the madness of dancing on a tight rope lie subtleties of technique needed to ensure that one does not fall off the edge.


Serious yet mischievous, sleek yet edgy, structured yet eclectic. Tomfoolery is no joke. While unapologetically non-conforming, this Filipino ready-to- wear brand makes no compromises in quality – from the choice of materials, the concepts of the designs, to the construction of the clothes – to give today’s discerning woman the confidence to redefine and reinvent herself. Cohesively mismatched for the classy misfits: this is Tomfoolery.

Born in 1991, Mae-Ann Veloso (a.k.a. M. Veloso)’s journey is as cohesively mismatched as her line of apparel. After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences from Ateneo de Manila University in 2011, she used the pattern recognition and attention to detail she acquired from the course and applied it to fashion. M. Veloso started studying in Slim’s Fashion and Arts School in 2011 where she learned fashion design, dress making, draping, textile studies, and bespoke British tailoring. In 2016, she represented the Philippines as a finalist in the Air Asia Runway Ready Designer Search 2016 for the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week where she contributed to a Philippine-inspired collection called “Kasarinlan.”